Hello, I'm Kristy!

Podcast Host + Life Strategy Coach, I help sensitive, introverted and creative women to live lighter, leverage their strengths + feel seen in the world for who they authentically are.

Previously working as a designer on interior transformations, I now exclusively focus on the deep, inner transformations within my clients.

Learn more about these transformations + my story below.


a bit about me.

I live in Vancouver, BC with my partner and our dog, Berkeley! You can often find me on the seawall or working from a coffee shop if I’m not at home in my studio. My favourite drink is a London Fog with almond milk - even better if it’s paired with a gluten free cookie. I fall somewhere in the middle on the introvert / extrovert scale but I’m an introvert at heart. I’m OBSESSED with podcasts, my favourite genres being journalism, personal development + true crime (hah)!

I’m a homebody through and through - but in the last five years, I’ve been lucky enough to see different parts of the world which I gladly thank my partner for. Japan + Oaxaca, MX were insanely memorable + LA feels like a second home. What really lights me up right now is connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs and spending one-on-one time with close people in my life.

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the podcast.

Podcasts have completely changed my life. I’ve spent thousands of hours of listening to intimate conversations that inspire, empower or teach me an incredible lesson and many times all of the above. What it really comes down to is the CONNECTION I feel when I listen to podcasts.

After years of wanting to start my own show, I finally launched Connected with Kristy Vail in 2018. Only two months in, the show was featured multiple times in three sections of iTunes New & Noteworthy list - Spirituality, Business + Health. I could have never imagined the fulfillment and connection this space would provide - my intention is to expand listeners in a way that podcasts continue to expand me.

Listen to the show.


Life Strategy Coach

I grew up a shy + sensitive kid. I often felt invisible and had an especially difficult time in large groups. I put a lot of pressure on myself to be things I was not and found myself looking to others for the answers rather than looking inside myself…

For the last ten years, I’ve been diving into the “inner work” from therapy to personal growth programs, spiritual rituals and coaching. Each experience valuable and unique but by far the most transformative investment was one-on-one coaching. Coaching allowed me to see opportunities in myself that I didn’t know were possible and it instilled a new found confidence in me which gave me the push to start my business and create a life I love so much.

Empowered by my transformation & evolving journey, I felt called to start working with women on a deeper level so they can experience their own transformation. In my coaching packages, I work with women who may identify as shy / sensitive / introverted + creative to leverage their unique gifts, live with more lightness and confidently show up in the world in a bigger way. I empower my clients to find greater alignment within and ultimately thrive as their authentic selves.

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