The importance of good design in your life - let’s create your best home together through the magic of the internet.

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/ Virtual Design (also known as e-design) is an online interior design service. Perfect for remote clients (in North America) and also great for those local to Vancouver, BC that are seeking affordable design guidance.



/ your space doesn’t align with your current lifestyle, vision or values.

/ you feel like you’ve outgrown the hand-me-down furniture your grandparents gave you when you first moved out.

/ you have an idea of what you like but have a hard time cohesively putting the space together.

/ this a fresh start for you and you’re looking to make this space a reflection of your new life.

/ you are in transition or welcoming a big change. (newly single, bringing in a baby, moving in with your partner, have a roommate, etc.)




I have many interests that ignite my passion for design and find travel, wellness & connecting with others to be especially inspiring. My approach to each project is intentional and purpose driven - always. My personal promise to each client is to listen, ask thoughtful questions & deliver exceptional service every step of the way.

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My personal design style is constantly evolving, through travel experiences, material exploration and collaboration with others in the industry. Currently, I would describe my aesthetic as simple, warm and modern with a love of subtle contrast. I often turn to Southern California for a laid back vibe and inspiration from the ocean. Drawn to the simplicity and beauty of Scandinavian interiors, I like to integrate design principles from both California & Scandinavia. That being said, I do not push my preferences on my clients. Rather, I love to help each client find their own personal style through the exploration of questions and visuals.

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I was immersed into this industry after completing part I of the Interior Design program at BCIT. I worked for a high-end Real Estate Developer for years, learning the ins and outs of residential, multi-family housing from a sales and marketing perspective. Shifting from that position, I designed for a staging company where I worked in a team to transform & elevate real estate properties. My last position as a designer was working for an Award Winning design firm while I completed the Residential Interior Design Diploma.

And now I’m here.

I’m so grateful that all these experiences led me to creating Kristy Vail Studio.

My mission is to create aligning spaces for my clients to enjoy. I love to show my clients the positive psychological impact interior design can have on our environments & how it truly can elevate our daily lives.