Discover Yourself

Two months of private coaching designed to elevate all areas of your life as a sensitive women. Learn how to navigate life with more ease, experience greater joy & purpose within and confidently live your best life, on your own terms.

You’re invited to come on this 8 week personal growth journey with the intention of discovering who you truly are. I will guide you in becoming more conscious, gaining awareness and clarity on your values + vision, uncovering & moving through the limiting beliefs holding you back, attracting more meaningful connections + creating new opportunities that are in alignment with who you are at your core. These tools & principles are designed to elevate the way you experience life and expand your vision on what’s possible for you.

Do you struggle with any of the following? Raise your hand if you…

  • Find others talk over you which makes you feel that your voice and ideas are not fully heard

  • Feel uncomfortable in your own skin, especially around others and in social situations

  • Wish you were more confident, outgoing, magnetic, memorable & charismatic

  • Over-analyze and focus on the worst case scenario instead of the best outcome

  • Are highly critical of yourself & cringe at the idea of letting someone down or making a mistake

  • Bend over backwards for people that wouldn’t do the same for you

  • Worry that others will judge your decisions + actions which makes you question yourself

  • Hate the idea of inconveniencing others (ie: rescheduling meetings, interrupting, modifying your coffee order, moving over on the sidewalk, letting other people budge, etc.)

  • Look forward to things and often feel let down or are unable to enjoy the moment because you’re so in your head

  • Identify as a sensitive and/or introverted woman (or both like myself)

  • Struggle with being highly sensitive + feel a sense of heaviness around this identity

  • Often have your feelings hurt by others or constantly worry about how other people feel

  • Have a hard time getting out of sad slumps after watching the news or other negative media

  • Were told any of these things growing up: “stop being so shy”, “you’re too emotional”, “you need a thicker skin” “you take things too personally”

  • Lose sleep over the “small stuff” and have a hard time letting things roll of your back

  • Are uncomfortable with conflict so you stay quiet or avoid it and later regret not speaking up

  • Find yourself apologizing for being so emotional and sometimes think being sensitive is a curse

  • Struggle with saying no and/or setting boundaries and often feel taken advantage of

  • Lack clarity in who you are, what you’re good at and how you can show up bigger


I have incredible news for you. Life as a sensitive person doesn’t have to feel so heavy. It’s not a curse or something you need to apologize for - it’s your greatest super power. You have an intuitive gift, an innate ability to connect with others & a deep purpose waiting for you to tap into. I’ve coached many sensitive women (entrepreneurs, mothers, wives - all types of amazing humans) and among the many life changing results they’ve experienced, one of the most common pieces of feedback I hear is “my life feels lighter than ever before.”


How this work has changed my life.

My life looked VERY different before I found personal growth, spirituality + other forms of inner work almost 10 years ago. I would describe my former self as someone who was very insecure, easily flustered, I felt like I didn’t fit in and I looked to others for the answers rather than looking inside myself. I was a sensitive + introverted person (still am) but I lacked the awareness, acceptance and confidence that I have today.

When I started exploring this work, things inside me started to change which inevitably changed things around me. The best way I can describe it is experiencing life through a new lens. This lens consists of a lot more joy, a lot less stress and most profoundly a new sense of confidence in who I am as a person.

Coaching is for you if you’re ready to…

  • Experience life in a new (+ more enjoyable) way

  • Work WITH your sensitive personality type, NOT against it

  • Get clear on your strengths + gifts and utilize them in a BIG way (career, relationships, etc.)

  • Navigate challenges with more lightness + ease

  • Confidently say NO to anything that makes you feel undervalued or small (you can do this in a kind way!)

  • Re-evaluate & go against societal norms and conventional guidelines that aren’t in alignment with your values or vision

  • Elevate your self worth & attract like-minded relationships and create more meaningful connections

  • Manage your emotions, anxiety + mood swings and no longer feel activated by the small things that once triggered you

  • Release and no longer settle for any ambivalent relationships, jobs, goals, etc. - anything that is not a HELL YES, is a hell no!

  • Quiet your busy mind, live in the present moment + enjoy life as a more conscious person

  • Stand tall in your decisions and no longer let the opinions of other people hold you back

  • Experience the thrill + endless possibilities of getting out of your comfort zone

  • Thrive in new environments and show up to social events with a new found confidence

  • Go with the flow and view uncertainty from a new, limitless perspective

  • Feel comfortable and confident being visible and seen in the world by others

  • Elevate your self worth and start attracting opportunities that match your vibration

  • Have the confidence to light up a room and no longer feel invisible or like an impostor

  • Trust the answers are within you - no more self doubt or seeking answers outside yourself

  • Be courageous and have brave conversations that communicate your needs + desires


You’re probably wondering HOW is this all possible? With my guidance, resources & accountability, I provide you with the “how.” Each session, I support you with proven strategies, techniques and exercises that not only facilitate a complete transformation while we work together but provide you with tactical tools as you continue to evolve and embody this new way of living moving forward.


Lauren Photo.jpeg
My work with Kristy has absolutely been life saving, life changing and the best money I have ever spent and may ever spend on myself. You are worth it. I will say that again...YOU ARE WORTH IT. She is here to help others shine and been seen. There is no feeling in the world like it and I’m at a loss for words to describe the first time that I felt seen.
— Lauren Buford

Discover Yourself

Join me in the two month coaching experience that will change the way you experience life.

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What’s included:

● 8 weeks of one-on-one coaching sessions via. skype (90 minute calls every week)

● Unlimited email access to me between sessions (my client’s favourite way to stay connected & feel supported between sessions)

● All sessions are recorded so you can re-listen any time!

● Access to a resource library with proven strategies and tools customized to fit your unique needs

Still curious if this coaching package is for you?

Who is the woman this coaching package is for?

  • She feels stuck whether its in her job, relationships, personal accomplishments, etc. - she’s looking for something more and may not know how to describe it or move towards it

  • She’s playing small in her life and is finally ready to change that and show up bigger

  • She’s new to the world of personal development & spirituality and is open to exploring different concepts & perspectives to create a more fulfilling life

  • She’s heard the word “intuitive” and “empath” and suspects she might be one or both but has no idea how to embrace or apply those strengths

  • She’s generous + kind, sometimes to a fault. She always wants to help others but finds herself saying “yes” far too often and “no” to her own priorities and desires

  • She understands and empathizes with others on in a big way; friends & family often go to her when they need support or someone to talk to

  • She’s sensitive on all levels - she feels things deeply, she’s easily impacted by other people’s energy + she often feels the weight of the world on her shoulders

  • She’s a creative problem solver and loves to think of solutions to help others

  • She’s seeking clarity in who she is as a person and what she truly wants in life

  • She thrives with structure and loves the support of a mentor or coach

  • She is ready and excited to experience a transformation!

Who is the woman this coaching package is NOT for?

  • She’s stubborn and close minded to new ideas, concepts & “unconventional” ways of thinking

  • She has zero interest in personal growth and spirituality

  • She often gives up when things are tough

  • She does not like to be held accountable

  • She has a hard time relating to other people and would never describe herself as sensitive or empathic

  • She does not wish to change, grow or expand

  • She’s probably not reading this ;)

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