How long is each session?

  • 90 minutes long and is over Skype

If I purchase a package is anything else included?

  • Yes! There is unlimited email support between sessions - I’m there to cheer you on in the process and hold you accountable!

  • Sessions are recorded so you can re-listen anytime!

Are your connected sessions in person?

No. Sessions are over Skype - no travel time & no problem if you’re not in Vancouver - I work with international clients!

How do we start working together?

You can apply to be a client through this form at the bottom of the page here.

If I’m not ready quite ready to book sessions with you. What alignment tools would you recommend for me to implement in the meantime?

  • Meditation - if you’ve never meditated before that’s totally OK! I use this app and this is my favourite person for guided meditations

  • Move your body - you don’t have to hit the gym to get exercise. My favourite form of movement is walking while listening to one of my favourite podcasts. Find what feels best for you.

  • Speaking of podcasts - I host a podcast Connected with Kristy Vail. Every week, I share conversations with incredible guests about their path to finding meaningful work and more purpose in their lives. I also have solo episodes where I dive into my background and story and share how I got to this place of greater alignment today.

If I’m struggling with depression or another form or mental illness - are you the right person to talk to?

No. Please be advised, I’m not a licensed therapist, psychologist or counselor.

If you’re struggling with your mental health - please seek help from a licensed professional to diagnose you and set you on the path to finding the right treatment/service for you.