I work with creative, sensitive and introverted types of women to live with more ease & joy and feel seen in the world for who they authentically are.

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Hello my friend.

I’m so happy you’re here!


/ Do you ever feel like people don’t really see you or recognize your value? You feel invisible, shy and anxious about speaking up and you’re embarrassed when the attention is on you? You get teased about being too sensitive and have your feelings hurt easily by others? There’s big opportunities you want to go for but don’t fully believe your worthy enough to have them? You have lots of education but still feel like you’re not enough? You have a hard time giving yourself the credit you deserve or accepting compliments from others? You see all the “extroverted” people going for what they want and you lack the courage to do the same? You question yourself and your value at work and in the world?

/ You’re trying to find your purpose? You’re sick of feeling like everyday is the same mundane routine? You want to make a difference in the world but don’t know where to start? You know you want to help others but are unsure of what your gifts are? You’re playing small and sitting on the sidelines while others are experiencing life to the fullest? Your expectations of others and situations you can’t control often leave you feeling disappointed or triggered? Everyone is WAY further in their lives than you? You think you should be happy but don’t know how?

/ You constantly worry about what other people think which paralyzes you from doing what you really want? You’re a people pleaser and don’t know how to say no? If you were more [pretty, skinny, smart - fill in the blank] you would be more interesting or more attractive? You constantly compare yourself to others or feel envious about how other people live their lives? You’re consumed with what you don’t have “if I just had [that car, that promotion, that partner - fill in the blank] I’d be happy”. Life often feels hard and uphill but you don’t know what to change or how to shift your perspective?

I TOTALLY get it.

I understand all of it and I’ve been down each of those rabbit holes in the past…

So I just want to say, I get you and I’m so happy you’re here.


Hi. I’m Kristy!

My greatest joy in life is holding space and helping others feel more seen and connected to themselves. Stepping into the biggest version of yourself requires the right tools, courage + support which I am thrilled to bring you in our sessions together. It lights me up to cheer you on and see you experience a new level of joy and ease in your everyday life.


This is no accident & this is not a coincidence that you’re here - I see you and I want to hold space for you and your dreams.

And like you, I often felt left behind, not enough, caught up in feeling mediocre and unsure of what my true calling was. I didn’t excel in high school, I wasn’t the most popular and I looked to others for the answers rather than looking inside myself.

After high school I tried on many hats, taking different programs, following various career paths and would often feel directionless. The overall theme of my life was that I wasn’t in alignment with myself or in control of my experience. I overthought every decision and would constantly ask permission from superiors or others I thought had it figured out. I also had my feelings hurt often by others, was apologetic about pretty much everything and really just found myself responding and reacting to what other people wanted me to do instead of tuning into what I really wanted. So like I said, I get you.

I first started exploring this “inner work” nearly ten years ago! I've taken pieces from personal development programs, courses on consciousness + mindfulness as well as the life changing results I've experienced from working one-on-one with a business coach to develop my own systems and tools. I have an ability to see the potential in people that they don't always see in themselves and can quickly recognize patterns and subconscious thoughts that play major roles in where we hold ourselves back from living a life that is most in alignment with our values and dreams. 

Lets talk about YOU.

If you’re reading this - chances are you’re an incredibly gifted and kind person who just really wants to bring their best self to the world. I see that in you and I have a gift for showing people (like you) their fullest potential.


/ gain awareness around your unique personality type + human design

/ realize your sensitive, introverted & empathetic gifts are your super powers

/ listen to your intuition + feel empowered to trust yourself and ability to make decisions

/ pursue more meaningful work + discover your purpose

/ get out of your comfort zone with confidence & go for what you truly want

/ manage low feelings, challenges & other’s expectations with ease

/ connect with others on a deeper level & attract like-minded people

/ set boundaries & feel good about it - “if it doesn’t serve you, it doesn’t serve them”

/ increase your self worth + confidence; get ready to receive because others will see you

/ enjoy living a more spiritual & aligned life



1. identify & take inventory. Through a series of tests and exercises, we identify your unique strengths and areas of struggle. Awareness is key for creating your most aligned life moving forward.

2. assess & redirect. Once we identify these areas. We double down and focus on leading with your strengths and values. We also look at patterns and blocks that hold you back, cause you resistance and keep you playing small and refocus the direction of your energy.

3. implement & integrate. Each session, I give you exercises and tools for you to integrate between sessions. As you take action each week, you will experience greater self acceptance and change as a result of your willingness to do the work.




Kristy has been such a great coach and asset in my life. Whether it’s work related or personal, she’s always there when I need her.

Kristy asks the right questions to get me to open up while also respecting my boundaries. She helps me to focus on the bigger picture while also acknowledging the smaller things in life and their significance.

I don’t think I’d be where I am in my life without her help and guidance. If you’re someone who’s feeling a bit lost and needs help finding the right path, please contact her. You won’t regret it.
— Lauren B. (Executive Assistant)
Kristy’s authenticity shines through in her work. You can hear her passion for these connected sessions in the tone and expression of her voice. Her most admirable trait is that she is genuinely devoted to helping people conquer their journey and challenges. She listens to your story and responds with advice from her heart. She responds without judgement and creates a safe space for you and her to work on reaching alignment in your life. Throughout our sessions she listened responsively and left me with an incredible amount of direction on how to start making changes in my life to become the better version of myself. Kristy’s guidance made me feel supported, lucky, seen, heard and motivated. Kristy’s character not only makes you feel like you have a loyal life coach, but that you’ve found someone who has your best interest at heart. She believes in me and helps me believe in myself. She is a kind and rare soul. I am very fortunate to have worked with her!
— Kayla C. (Engineering Student)
I recently had a session with Kristy and I was overcome with so much clarity. She really helped me move through some personal and financial blocks. She allowed me to see my own value which I was struggling to see on my own. Not only did my session bring me clarity, I also left feeling extremely inspired and motivated! I would highly recommend connected coaching sessions with Kristy. She did exactly that - connected me to my true self.
— Tammi K. (Holistic Nutritionist)



In this package, you will discover your unique strengths, become more self-aware + find greater ease in the areas you were once struggling in!


In this package, you will feel empowered to tap into your gifts, release patterns that no longer serve you + feel more confident in your own skin!


In this package, you will have the confidence to get out of your comfort zone, go after things you never considered possible + ultimately live in more joy!


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How long is each session?

  • 90 minutes long over Skype

If I purchase a package is anything else included?

  • Yes! I provide resources + tools after each sessions and there is unlimited email support between sessions - so while you’re off implementing the teachings, I’m there to cheer you on in the process and hold you accountable!

  • Sessions are recorded so you can re-listen anytime!

Are your connected coaching sessions in person?

No. Sessions are over Skype - no travel time, the sessions are recorded & no problem if you’re not in Vancouver - I work with international clients!

Why don’t you offer single sessions?

With single sessions, clients are a lot less likely to follow through and ultimately will not get the results they’re seeking.

Transformations take time and requires you to consistently show up if you want to see changes. In the programs, the sessions are weekly with email support in between - this keeps the momentum going and and I hold you accountable every step of the way.

I’m new to these concepts (personal development, spirituality, etc.) can I still work with you?

Perfect - no experience necessary! I will show you various principles and actionable tools that you can implement while we work together and utilize moving forward!

Do you offer friends + family discounts?

No, I invest a great amount of time + energy into each client.

You invest 100% in me, I invest 100% in you.

How do we start working together?

You can apply to be a client through this form at the bottom of this page.

If I’m struggling with depression or another form or mental illness - are you the right person to talk to?

No. Please be advised, I’m not a licensed therapist, psychologist or counselor.

If you’re struggling with your mental health - please seek help from a licensed professional to diagnose you and set you on the path to finding the right treatment/service for you.

L e t s   c o n n e c t.

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