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1:1 private coaching

I help sensitive, creative & introverted women live lighter, leverage their strengths + show up in a bigger way.

Private coaching is for women who identify as sensitive and/or introverted and are ready to experience life through a new lens. This work is for you if you’re looking to live beyond conventional lines and open up to a more conscious + meaningful way of living. If you’re seeking a deeper connection within yourself and others. If you’re passionate about helping others + creating a bigger impact in the world. If you’re done with playing small + ready to release limiting beliefs holding you back. If you’re serious about leveraging your strengths and becoming the most confident version of yourself.

If you’re ready for a transformative experience, this work is for you.



Discover Yourself

Two months of private coaching designed to elevate all areas of your life as a sensitive women. Learn how to navigate life with more ease, experience greater joy & purpose within and confidently live your best life, on your own terms.


Say Yes To Your Dreams

A four month private coaching experience designed to get your dreams off paper and into action so you can start living the life of your dreams.


Hi. I’m Kristy!

My greatest joy in life is holding space and helping others feel more seen and connected to themselves. Stepping into the biggest version of yourself requires the right tools, courage + support which I am thrilled to bring you in our sessions together. It lights me up to cheer you on and see you experience a new level of joy and ease in your everyday life.


This is no accident & this is not a coincidence that you’re here - I see you.

And like you, I often felt left behind, not enough, caught up in feeling mediocre and unsure of what my true calling was. I didn’t excel in high school, I wasn’t the most popular and I looked to others for the answers rather than looking inside myself.

After high school I tried on many hats, taking different programs, following various career paths and would often feel directionless. The overall theme of my life was that I wasn’t in alignment with myself or in control of my experience. I overthought every decision and would constantly ask permission from superiors or others I thought had it figured out. I also had my feelings hurt often by others, was apologetic about pretty much everything and really just found myself responding and reacting to what other people wanted me to do instead of tuning into what I really wanted. So like I said, I get you.

I first started exploring inner work nearly ten years ago! I've taken my experiences from personal development programs, consciousness + mindfulness curriculum, spiritual teachings, as well as the life changing results I experienced from working with a business coach to develop my own proven systems & strategies to create lasting transformations. My job as a coach is to extract your strengths & core desires and support you in bringing them to life through awareness & action. I have an ability to see the potential in people that they don't always see in themselves and can quickly recognize patterns and subconscious thoughts that play major roles in where we hold ourselves back from living a life that is most in alignment with our values and dreams.


How long is each session?

  • 90 minutes long over Skype

If I purchase a package is anything else included?

  • Yes! I provide resources + tools after each sessions and there is unlimited email support between sessions - so while you’re off implementing the teachings, I’m there to cheer you on in the process and hold you accountable!

  • Sessions are recorded so you can re-listen anytime!

Are your connected coaching sessions in person?

No. Sessions are over Skype - no travel time, the sessions are recorded & no problem if you’re not in Vancouver - I work with international clients!

Why don’t you offer single sessions?

With single sessions, clients are a lot less likely to follow through and ultimately will not get the results they’re seeking.

Transformations take time and requires you to consistently show up if you want to see changes. The packages are designed to get you results; the sessions are weekly with email support in between - this keeps the momentum going and and I hold you accountable every step of the way.

I’m new to these concepts (personal development, spirituality, etc.) can I still work with you?

Perfect - no experience necessary! I will show you various principles and actionable tools that you can implement while we work together and utilize moving forward!

Do you offer friends + family discounts?

No, I invest a great amount of time + energy into each client.

You invest 100% in me, I invest 100% in you.

How do we start working together?

Head over to the coaching package you desire and apply to work with me!

If I’m struggling with depression or another form or mental illness - are you the right person to talk to?

No. Please be advised, I’m not a licensed therapist, psychologist or counselor.

If you’re struggling with your mental health - please seek help from a licensed professional to diagnose you and set you on the path to finding the right treatment/service for you.

L e t s   c o n n e c t.

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