Welcome to the show!

Before we begin, please know I see you and I love what you’re doing out in the world. I’ve invited you to be my guest because I know my listeners will connect with your story and be so excited to learn more about your work today.

#1 - the overview.

before we record:

  • I have emailed you a list of topics I’d like to explore (if you want to change any of those please email me)

  • I record your bio in the introduction of the podcast (complete in the form below) so please note, listeners will know what you’re all about and will be even more excited to hear how you got there!

what you need for the interview:

  • Download Skype & make an account (free software)

  • Please plug your earbuds into your phone or computer for the best audio quality

interview process:

  • I will call you via Skype Audio

  • We will chat for a couple minutes and I will let you know when I hit record!

  • The interview will be approx 45 to 60 minutes long

  • Once we are finished the interview, I will let you know when I stop recording

    *if you want anything from the interview taken out, please let me know right after the call

  • I will let you know when your episode is being released so you can listen and share!

*words of wisdom:

  • Please take time to share your story and all your challenges along the way (this can really help someone going through something similar or someone who would love to one day be in your shoes - you could be their expander!)

  • You’re on this podcast because I see you so please take up space with your message and share any specific moments or stories that come to mind when answering the questions (the more you share, the more opportunities for the listeners to see themselves in your inspiring story)

  • At the end, I will ask how the listeners can find you, support you, work with you etc. so please feel free to share any current offerings with the audience!

#2 - your info.

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When the convo is really in flow, I often like to see where the convo leads. If this happens, are you ok with me asking a question that is not scripted? *
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#3 - pick a recording date & time.



1) complete the form

2) schedule a time

3) send headshot to


I'm so excited to connect with you on the show.