Alexis Anderson - The Power of Healing, Reiki Energy + Moon Rituals

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Alexis (Lex) Anderson

Lex is a Reiki Master and teacher, certified yoga teacher, and spiritual coach. Her mission is to empower people to dive deep into their own healing, so they can clear blockages that hold them back from living their truth. She combines her own intuitive gifts, as well as Reiki energy healing, to guide her clients to see their own unique gifts they can offer the world.

Kristy Vail

Host of the podcast Connected with Kristy Vail + Interior Designer + Connected Life Coach.

Kristy’s work focuses on connection and transformation in her client’s spaces and within themselves.

This episode covers:

  • Mercury Retrograde + the Spring Equinox

  • Lex’s background + story (struggling with depression from a young age, thriving at lululemon + discovering Reiki and being a healer)

  • Having a mentor at Lululemon to see her potential and build confidence

  • Getting into a car accident & managing chronic pain

  • Her first experience having a Reiki session which changed everything

  • What is Reiki and how does it work

  • Reiki training workshops coming up in May 2019

  • Volunteering her Reiki services at Palliative Care Foundation for patients & their families

  • Self-care rituals around the moon

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