Cassy Vantriet - Searching for Purpose, Not Forcing the Process + Human Design

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Cassy Vantriet

Cassy is the founder of a local Vancouver company, WOASH WELLNESS. WOASH offers a line of holistically designed tea blends that focus on natural remedies by utilizing each ingredients unique benefit and healing properties for a variety of daily needs. Cassy has been on her self-discovery journey since her first solo trip to South East Asia when she was 19 - exploring different cultures, experiencing multiple failed attempts at school and jobs, giving into the pressures of what "society told her to do", avoiding her intended purpose by partying till the early hours which eventually led to a dark year filled with her feeling completely lost and seeking for drastic change and purpose. Keep listening to hear her unique journey and the people and things that helped her along the way.

This episode covers:

  • Cassy’s background (working in the restaurant industry, travelling to find her purpose, going back to school in her mid twenties & starting her Tea Company - Woash Wellness)

  • Going back to school when she was ready - not when external sources were putting the pressure on her

  • Getting her business up and running and developing her brand vision with the help of many professionals (Holistic Nutritionists, Photographers, Herbalists & a Branding company)

  • The ins and outs of launching a product business + having stores stock her tea

  • Exploring her Human Design Type (Projector) to understand how she can be most successful

  • Stepping into being an educator and teaching others about the benefits of herbs

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