Chara Marie - Body Image & Self Compassion, a Life Changing Retreat + Building Community

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Chara Marie

Nutritionist, trainer and health coach Chara Marie is empowering women in reaching their goals while maintaining a balanced, positive and most importantly fun- lifestyle. Chara is the creator of the Body Confident Fitness and Nutrition programs that showcase how simple and attainable looking your best from the inside out can be. Hosting boot camps and health and wellness events here in Vancouver, Chara embodies the importance of creating a supportive community and how we can all benefit from surrounding ourselves with other expanding individuals.

This episode covers:

  • Chara’s background & story (her past struggles with body image, the retreat that changed her life, building community with Almost30 + the evolution of

  • Chara’s challenges with orthorexia & overcoming the need to be perfect

  • The retreat Back to Basics she attended by herself in the beginning of 2018 and how it impacted her life

  • What it looks like to work with Chara and how she teaches her clients how to live a fun and balanced lifestyle through her programs and classes; her nutrition program & delicious plant based recipes

  • Her tips for eating more consciously - eat your meals without distraction and really appreciate the life cycle of the food

  • Faith over Fear - we discuss this instagram post of Chara’s - taking leaps and going after what you really want

  • Her role as an ambassador with Almost30 & the importance of connection and building community

  • The value in hiring a coach & investing in yourself

  • Chara’s goals and vision for the New Year 2019

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