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Christine Pienaar

Christine is a natural light wedding and lifestyle photographer. When she is not traveling the globe with her clients and her camera, she's capturing moments and planting roots on Canada’s West Coast. She’s most inspired by experiences and events that draw people together to share something personal: a meal, a conversation, a story, a celebration, a collaboration.

This episode covers:

  • Christine’s background – growing up in South Africa, her work ethic from a young age, finding photography, learning from her mentor & easing into entrepreneurship

  • Her experience in high school and not always excelling in academics but was drawn to working hard and serving others

  • Exploring different career options before finding photography (ie: nursing & various roles at a digital media agency)

  • Taking the job that isn’t the best on paper (ie: doesn’t have the best benefits, pay, nicest office, etc.) and going with her gut to take an opportunity where she felt most connected to the people

  • The importance of a mentor and learning from someone further down the path

  • Navigating busy and slow seasons in her business

  • Sisterhood group – having a group of women in her church to support each other through the party and the pain

  • Driven by purpose and a regular gratitude practice

  • Her passion to give back and mentor other aspiring photographers

  • 2019 Christine’s vision & direction

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