Claire Lambert - Happiness after Divorce, Helping Those Less Fortunate + Saying Yes

Claire Lambert

Claire is a Real Estate Agent living in Port Moody with her two children. In her personal time, she focuses on training for things like ultra marathons, where she’s always trying to improve her performance, like in all other aspects of her life.  Marathons are something she likes to set as personal goals every year, keeping her mentally healthy and fit and able to stay focused on a bright future for everyone she shares her life and work with. She is also an active member of the Port Moody Rotary Club and has created the Port Moody Community Corner Facebook page which supports & encourages local businesses and community members.

This episode covers:

  • Claire’s background (struggling financially, making the decision to divorce her former partner, getting a job opportunity on a bus, taking the program and pursuing Real Estate at 40)

  • Her intentional decision to end her marriage and pursue a happier life

  • Her passion for running which evolved into completing many marathons

  • Struggling financially and feeling down but helping other people less fortunate than her

  • Getting a job opportunity from an outburst on the bus

  • Being a Realtor + relating to clients - known as the “Divorce Specialist”

  • Gifting experiences to her children + teaching them gratitude

  • Working with a business coach - “if it’s not a hell yes, its a f*ck no” - Tim Ferriss Quote

  • Starting the Port Moody Community Corner Facebook page and how it supports community members and business owners

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