Dora Kamau - Manifesting Good & Bad + the Power of Pausing Before Responding as a Form of Self Care

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Dora Kamau

Dora Kamau is a mental health visionary, self-care advocate and the founder of Bliss Your Heart, an online and in-person women’s platform rooted in self-care, self-love and mental health. After a near death experience at birth and overcoming a series of unfortunate events in her teenage years, Dora has made it her life’s purpose and soul mission to guide other women on their journey to wholeness & wellness. Dora creates and holds space for women to step into their power & offers a new perspective on life.

Kristy Vail

Host of the podcast Connected with Kristy Vail + Interior Designer + Connected Life Coach.

Kristy’s work focuses on connection and transformation in her client’s spaces and within themselves.

This episode covers:

  • Manifesting a trip to LA with Lululemon + being a student of Abraham Hicks

  • Dora’s background (escaping two near death experiences, unhealthy past relationships + building a community of connection rooted in authenticity and self acceptance)

  • Her guidance for women in unhealthy relationships + their self worth

  • The creation and evolution of Bliss Your Heart

  • The power of taking a pause before responding “your respondability is your responsibility”

  • Dora’s incredible relationship now with her partner and how he inspires her self care

  • Self care with Ayurvedic plant medicine

  • Meditation for panic attacks + anxiety and learning meditation training

  • Her empowering message for women of colour + self identifying women everywhere who may be struggling

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