Solo Show - Making Others Feel Great, Asking Better Questions + Elevating our Conversations

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This episode covers:

When meeting people:

1. Remember names

2. Engage in interesting conversations (ask better questions to get deep answers)


-have you traveled anywhere lately, any trips planned?

-are you working on anything interesting right now?

-whats been the best part of your week so far?

3. When you say good bye - wish them well on their trip, new blog, challenging week, etc. and show them how present you were in the conversation

For existing relationships:

-follow up about things in their life (ie: important dates (wedding, birthday, etc.); job interviews; doctors appointments, etc.)

-have more vulnerable conversations to get a deeper relationship

-be more present and put your phone away when you’re engaged in a conversation

Supporting businesses + Acknowledging a job well done:

-write a testimonial, rate & review; send a complimentary email or text to acknowledge them

Resources mentioned:

Remembering Names Tips: Jim Kwik - Check out this episode and this article

“To be interesting, be interested” Dale Carnegie quote

Photography by Christine Pienaar

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