Mini Monday Series - The Ripple Effect Of Filling Yourself Up First

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Kristy Vail

Host of the podcast Connected with Kristy Vail + Virtual Interior Designer + Connected Life Coach.

Kristy’s work focuses on connection and transformation in her client’s spaces and within themselves.

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This episode covers:

  • The importance of filling your cup up first before checking emails, social media or taking on anyone else’s energy or expectations

  • Finding alignment practices to fill yourself up first - walking, meditation, writing, mindset podcasts, etc.

  • Enneagram types 2 & 3 - Helpers and Achievers are prone to high levels of stress, people pleasing and burn out

  • Why we are responsible for our reactions and managing our emotions

  • Batching your schedule and setting boundaries to preserve your energy

  • Filling yourself up before bed and releasing the energy of other people

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*Limited Time Offer - 4 Spots Available for The Personality Deep Dive Sessions

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