Mini Monday Series - How the Fear of Judgement is Holding You Back

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Kristy Vail

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This episode covers:

  • How fearing judgement from others holds us back

  • When we assume others judge our decisions and actions and the stories we create in our minds

  • I address a listener question - “how to speak more confidently in conferences, on the phone or in person?”

  • The three areas where judgement may be holding you back:

    1. Saying NO to things that make you feel undervalued, tasks that are not your job, things that no longer serve you, etc. because of the fear of someone judging you for being lazy, undeserving, etc. or talking about you behind your back + feeling even more judged

    2. Trying somethings new - be courageous and step out of your comfort zone! Try something new without the crippling fear of judgement creeping in. Focus on the experience and the potential outcomes, not the people who won’t “get it”.

    3. If you’re worried about other people judging you - check into where you may be judging others. Dig into when you’re feeling judgmental & triggered by someone, chances are you’re seeking something they have.

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