Mini Monday Series - Living Lighter as a Sensitive + Introverted Person

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Kristy Vail

Kristy is a Life Strategy Coach. She works with sensitive, introverted and creative women to leverage their strengths and transform the way they show up in the world. Kristy is also the host of the podcast Connected with Kristy Vail which was recently featured on iTunes New & Noteworthy in three sections - Spirituality, Business + Health. The show focuses on conscious conversations about entrepreneurship, creativity and personal development.

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This episode covers:

  • Living with less heaviness + more lightness as a sensitive & introverted person

  • The most common feedback after each coaching session is my clients feel lighter

  • Sensitive struggles - being irritable, taking on other people’s energy, consuming negative news, giving too much to others

  • The spectrum of introversion + extroversion

  • Heaviness feeling like a backpack (Jess Lively reference)

  • Tune into anything in your life that feels heavy, gives you anxiety, makes your breathing short, etc.

  • My definition of the inner work - acceptance of where you’re at, healing + making changes

  • The inner work I did with my coach that allowed me to go full time in my business

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Register for my FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP this week on July 23 + July 25

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