Mini Monday Series - Working for Yourself as a Sensitive Person

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Kristy Vail

Kristy is a Life Strategy Coach. She works with sensitive, introverted and creative women to live lighter, leverage their strengths and transform the way they show up in the world. Kristy is also the host of the podcast Connected with Kristy Vail which has been featured multiple times on the iTunes New & Noteworthy list in three sections - Spirituality, Business + Health. The show focuses on conscious conversations about entrepreneurship, creativity and personal development.

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This episode covers:

  • Three tips to help you navigate the world of entrepreneurship as a sensitive person

  • 1. Surround yourself with like-minded people who are also in the arena

  • 2. Tools to navigate the highs & lows - raising your vibration when you’re down, riding the wave while you’re up + leveling out before making big decisions

  • 3. Set boundaries + stick to them - with clients, friends, family members, etc.

  • Bonus tip: Protect your energy - focus on what you’re creating, not what others are doing

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Resources mentioned:

My recent episode on the Kelly Trach Show

Brene Brown - Arena Reference

Human Design - Generator

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