Mini Monday Series - Identifying & Healing Limiting Beliefs

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Kristy Vail

Kristy is a Life Strategy Coach helping sensitive, introverted and creative women to live lighter, leverage their strengths and transform the way they show up in the world. Kristy is also the host of the podcast Connected with Kristy Vail which has been featured multiple times on the iTunes New & Noteworthy list in three sections - Spirituality, Business + Health. The show focuses on conscious conversations about entrepreneurship, creativity and personal development.

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This episode covers:

  • Coaching for sensitive & introverted women

  • What I’ve been manifesting with Lacy Phillips Pathway Program

  • Thorns - limiting beliefs you have that hold you back and cause you pain

  • Identifying your thorns and how you can start healing & removing them

  • My example of a past thorn - making mistakes & how it’s held me back in various situations

  • What happens when we go through life without removing the thorns

  • Why your thorns are holding you back from more joy & ease

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