Jaylee Thomas Nickel - Gratitude for Cancer + The Life Changing Magic of Light Meditation

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Jaylee Thomas Nickel

Jaylee is a Lucia N.03 Light facilitator and Pilates teacher who works with people to help them see how incredible and capable they are both mentally and physically.

Jaylee was working as a mortgage broker and had just finished BCIT’s Web Technologies program when her world was turned upside down by a cancer diagnosis on her one year wedding anniversary. Needless to say, that quickly put a few things into perspective and she made some big changes.

Everyone is going through a struggle and Jaylee believes that there is healing in conversation and tries to create a safe space for people to come as they are. Whether it’s through mindful movement or light meditation, Jaylee is passionate in helping people see their potential.


Kristy Vail

Host of the podcast Connected with Kristy Vail + Interior Designer + Connected Life Coach.

Kristy’s work focuses on connection and transformation in her client’s spaces and within themselves.

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This episode covers:

  • Jaylee’s background (her life before her journey with colon cancer, finding meditation & how its changed her life)

  • Her experience with colon cancer - finding out on her one year wedding anniversary, not letting it affect her daily life + why she’s grateful it happened

  • How meditation has impacted her life and allows her to see her negative thought patterns

  • Being inspired by her pilates instructor Carla + discovering her passion to teach others

  • Sharing Lucia No. 3 Light with others, describing the experience and important information you need to know about light meditation

  • Her experience with Neurofeedback

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