Kassandra Taylor - Mental Health Awareness through Design, Navigating Burnout + Aligned Work Values

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Kassandra Taylor

Kassandra is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with the goal of creating dialogue about mental health and self care through her business. She is the designer of Amara Blue Jewelry, and director of The Social Refinery - a marketing company for local businesses.

This episode covers:

  • Kassandra’s background (trading her jewelry for free yoga, selling to various stores, growing a following, creating open dialogue around anxiety and mental health)

  • Aligning with & supporting business owners with the same values

  • Investing money in hiring professionals and delegating tasks you struggle with or don’t enjoy

  • Honest thoughts on anxiety & mental health

  • The value in not working while you travel

  • Taking breaks from personal growth & just resting

  • How to navigate burnout while having a full schedule

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