Landon Dix - Choosing a Creative Career Instead of Working for the Family Business + Collaboration

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Landon Dix

Landon Dix is an interior designer, working between Vancouver and The Sunshine Coast. His roots in design were formed from crafting home-wares, that eventually stemmed the creation of Landon Dix Design Studio. A multi-discipline design practice, that oversees residential and commercial projects from conception to completion, down to the finest technical detail. He has always been influenced by his surroundings; raised on the forest's edge on the North Shore, and logging countless hours on a boat since childhood. His upbringing motivates him to create a unique, home-grown aesthetic, with the task of bringing global design trends and innovations to the west coast.

This episode covers:

  • Landon’s background (thriving in the entrepreneurship program in high school, deciding against business school, taking a gap year, pursuing interior and industrial design, building a business)

  • His influential grandma who was a powerful female entrepreneur in a male dominated industry

  • Learning new skills like sewing rope bowls & creating things in his wood shop

  • Selling housewares and getting recognized by local businesses

  • Finding and focusing on strengths through collaboration

  • His love for sailing and his version of meditation

  • What he loves most about working for himself - flexibility & control of project direction

  • His advice for people trying to find a career they love

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