Lauren Buford - Enjoying Your Own Company, Finding Your Voice + Coaching with Kristy

Lauren Buford

Executive Assistant, Writer, Music Lover

Kristy Vail

Kristy is a Life Strategy Coach. She works with sensitive, introverted and creative women to leverage their strengths and transform the way they show up in the world. Kristy is also the host of the podcast Connected with Kristy Vail which was recently featured on iTunes New & Noteworthy in three sections - Spirituality, Business + Health. The show focuses on conscious conversations about entrepreneurship, creativity and personal development.

Kristy empowers her clients to utilize their unique personality types to elevate their connection with others, their career and most importantly the relationship with themselves. She goes deep with her clients and helps them address old patterns that hold them back, say no to things that don’t serve them and confidently go to that next level they’re looking to achieve. The most common feedback she hears from her clients is “I’ve never felt more seen for who I truly am in my entire life.” Kristy is beyond honoured and privileged to help like-minded women find more alignment in their life and be their most authentic selves.

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This episode covers:

  • Lauren describes her experience and transformation from coaching with Kristy

  • Addressing her decision to make the investment in coaching and why it’s the best money she’s ever spent

  • The power in understanding her personality type and what makes her anxious, what she’s naturally good at and understanding why she does what she does

  • Not putting a smile on for other people and having permission to feel her emotions

  • Using her voice and asking for what she wants without attachment to the outcome

  • Travelling in a group and taking time by herself

  • Being more involved in her career + fueling her creative writing side with poetry

  • Connecting deeper in her relationships + setting boundaries

  • Receiving compliments and celebrating the little wins

  • Lauren reads one of her beautiful poems

  • What she would tell other women thinking of coaching with Kristy

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