Lynn Mull - Navigating Life Transitions, Shifting or Staying in a Career + Vulnerability

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Lynn Mull

Lynn Mull, the Career Milestone Coach with her company Redwood Leadership where she helps her clients through pivotal times in their careers, she hosts workshops and does speaking panels and she also writes an incredible blog which features Purposeful Pivot Interviews with inspiring guest stories.

This episode covers:

  • Lynn’s background & story (her career journey, her mom’s battle with cancer, getting coaching certified, starting Redwood Leadership + helping clients navigate big life transitions)

  • Starting a side job or transitioning into entrepreneurship

  • How to have hard conversations in the office, stop people pleasing + ask for what you want

  • Asking better questions & getting vulnerable for greater connections

  • Slow Change - her motto for 2018

  • Making friends & growing community through instagram

  • Lynn’s new course Shift or Stay - coming soon

  • Lynn’s year of No & vision for 2019

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