Shaun Bird - Entrepreneurship, Owning Mistakes + the Life Changing Decision to Quit Drinking

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Shaun Bird (aka - Birdman the Welder)

Shaun is a Fabricator/Welder and entrepreneur. He specializes in fine metalwork which covers anything from custom handmade furniture, to commercial installations, to architectural elements in some of Vancouver's most illustrious homes. He owns and operates his outfit Birdman the Welder Inc with his wife and business partner Leanne Bird in their shop space which is based just a short scenic commute from their Tsawwassen home, in Delta, British Columbia. Shaun embraces the entrepreneurial community by giving back through sharing his experiences and supporting those on the come up, and spreading gratuity to those who have mentored and lifted him up in his own journey.

This episode covers:

  • Shaun’s background – growing up struggling in school, lack of direction, idolizing Jesse James, various jobs before easing into opening his shop with his wife + his decision to stop drinking

  • Inspired by Jesse James - using his hands and not just relying on his brain + building amazing things + making good money

  • Working out of town for months at a time + playing COD in his free time before deciding to get serious and open up shop

  • His approach to entrepreneurship -the value in patience & taking ownership of mistakes in the shop

  • Meeting his wife at a young age + building a business together + both growing as individuals to bring more to each other

  • Deciding to stop drinking after hitting a rock bottom and how his life has improved in every way - his relationship, business & personal identity

  • Plans for 2019 - business + travel

  • His advice for someone looking to change their relationship with alcohol

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