Solo Show - Finding Alignment After Years of Struggling

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Solo show today! I’m sharing some vulnerable moments from my past and how my overly sensitive & shy former self struggled to feel qualified, intelligent and worthy. Over the past ten years, I’ve found various forms of inner work through personal development podcasts, online courses, coaching, meditation and journalling and am now in a place of so much alignment in my life and live in way more flow than I ever imagined possible.

This episode covers:

I share many examples of challenges growing up:

  • Highschool - struggling with academics, barely passing exams, not fitting in

  • Looking to others for the answer or permission

  • Saying YES to everything, having zero boundaries

  • Being SO shy, easily embarrassed and a major worrier

  • Drinking too much, feeling anxious & lost

  • Being hyper sensitive and not knowing how to self soothe

  • Feeling under-qualified at jobs regardless of my credentials which negatively impacted the tasks I was given

  • Being too busy, piling up my schedule and never setting time aside for myself

The changes I made in the past 10 years that led me to this place of alignment:

  • Finding alignment practices through online courses, journalling, podcasts, meditation and various other tools

  • Letting others have their own experience + leading by example

  • Integrating more white space in my life

  • Thoroughly enjoying my alone time and getting to know myself

  • Being resourceful and feeling empowered as an entrepreneur

  • Having the closest people in my life appreciate my inner work and acknowledge how its improved the relationships

  • Being self sufficient and writing to my inner voice (intuition)

  • Exploring conscious and subconscious thoughts

  • My new service - one on one sessions (you and me working together to bring more alignment in your life - coming soon)

Resources mentioned:


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