Valentine's Day - Disordered Eating, Being More Honest with Others + Self Compassion

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Kristy Vail

A multi-faceted entrepreneur with a focus on transformation & connection. She is the podcast host of Connected with Kristy Vail where she facilitates meaningful conversations about work & life. She is also an Interior Designer working with clients to create and elevate the spaces they spend the most time in. And most recently, she’s been led to guiding clients to greater alignment and inner connection with her Connected Sessions.

This episode covers:

  • Current motto - "I'm in it for the long run" helps to navigate highs & lows

  • Disordered & restrictive eating patterns & growing from those experiences

  • Being honest and saying no to things you don’t want to do (events, free work, etc.)

  • Taking responsibility for your own happiness & realizing you can’t change others

  • Living in more alignment to create better work, relationships and a personal connection

  • Connected Sessions - now taking initial calls before the sessions launch!

Resources mentioned:

Woash Tea - use the discount code “CONNECTED” at checkout!

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