Zafira Rajan - Reinventing Conscious Entrepreneurs, Uplevelling in a Mastermind & Meditation at 13

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Zafira Rajan

Zafira is the founder of Zafira Rajan, Inc., a branding strategy and copywriting consultancy for conscious coaches, health, wellness and lifestyle entrepreneurs. She supports her clients in the elevation and creation of their brands through personality-driven conversion copy that brings their vision to life, and impacts positive change on their audience. Her mission is to help them find what makes them unique in their industry, and sets them apart with strong brand messaging and copy that attracts their ideal clients. She lights up helping them launch their next big thing with brand clarity!

This episode covers:

  • Zafira’s background – growing up in Kenya, being a writer & reader from a young age, her transition into entrepreneurship, finding her niche in the copy writing industry + joining a mastermind

  • Her column at the Daily Hive & introducing a new column about positive happenings around the world

  • Her immersive process & how she taps into her clients lives to uncover and articulate their mission and brand message

  • Copy writing for conscious entrepreneurs + finding this niche

  • Joining a Mastermind to uplevel her business, connecting with & supporting like-minded people, holding each other accountable & collaboration

  • The value in volunteering and making friends along the way

  • Her parents spiritual rituals influenced her starting a meditation practice at thirteen

  • Her rituals now - meditation, journalling, reiki, smudging

  • 2019 - her business vision + retreat + mastermind meet up in NYC + wedding planning

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