Say YES to Your Dreams

A four month private coaching offering designed to get your dreams off paper and into action so you can start living the life of your dreams.

This coaching offering is not for the dreamer - it’s for the action taker. But not the type of action that requires push or force, its the action taken from inspiration, alignment + working WITH your unique personality type. So often we create dreams based on societal norms and we stay within the conventional lines we were shown which doesn’t always lead to the fulfillment we were hoping for. I invite you to join me and venture beyond society’s idea of success and step into a new level of what’s possible for you and your dreams.


Hey sensitive dreamer, raise your hand if you…

  • SO badly want to leave your comfort zone and make a change but you chicken out when it comes time

  • Lose sleep thinking about what could go wrong if you go for your dreams

  • Feel like you’ve had some success but are still not happy with how far you’ve come (is the ladder on the wrong wall?)

  • Are currently working towards your dreams but aren’t seeing any progress or clear signs that this is it

  • Desire to captivate the attention of others, with your writing, speaking, artistic gifts, leadership skills, etc.

  • Admire female leaders in the spotlight and know deep down, you want to be one but you don’t feel deserving

  • Desire to meet like-minded people to further your business & social life but want to hide in your shell when you hear the word “networking”

  • Know you’re giving away too much for free or are not charging enough for your services +/ products but feel bad about asking people to pay full price

  • You’re great with people but are unclear on how to communicate or reach out to new connections, ideal clients & customers

  • Cringe at the idea of “selling” as a sensitive person but you know you need sales for your business

  • Desire to create more opportunities (financial streams + speaking engagements, etc.) with your business but are unclear of the path to get you there

  • Desire to break the glass ceiling on what’s possible for a sensitive woman

  • Describe yourself as “multi-passionate” and sometimes take on too many projects and none of them take off

  • Experience impostor syndrome which holds you back from doing the next thing you know your dream needs

  • Go on social media and feel like others are WAY further ahead than you

  • Struggle with staying focused and often get distracted by helping others build their dreams instead of yours

  • Compare yourself to “charismatic” and “outgoing” people and feel intimated by their success

  • Lack belief in yourself that you CAN start your own business, make the money, get the partner, travel alone (insert your own dream)

  • Have people in your life who don’t understand, aren’t supportive or think your dreams are silly

  • Feel stuck in your circumstances and have a hard time imagining your life looking any different than how it does today

  • Feel trapped in a job that is unfulfilling and you KNOW there’s more out there but don’t know where to start

  • Afraid to live a life of your dreams because it’s “unconventional” to what you were taught growing up

  • Want to be more visible but consider yourself shy and introverted and don’t know how to feel more comfortable in the spotlight


I designed a life I love & I get to live this dream everyday

Hosting a podcast & running my own business was a dream of mine for years. I would listen to inspiring podcast conversations with incredible female entrepreneurs who once were in very similar shoes as me. I craved a flexible schedule, I wanted to be selective with my projects & clients and I didn’t want a cap on my financial earnings. However, my biggest motivator by far was, I wanted to make more of an impact in the world.

Here I am today, truly living my dreams…

My podcast has been featured many times on the “New & Noteworthy List”, my business exceeds my previous earnings and best of all, I’m doing work I love and helping my clients create lasting transformations in their lives & beyond.


In order to design the life of your dreams, mindset (the inner work) and personality strategy is key! Having clarity on your values, priorities, natural strengths (and weaknesses) is essential in the first stage of building your dreams and creating a new vision for your life. The framework I’ve created consists of proven strategies, exercises & action steps tailored to fit your unique dreams (and YES you’ll be taking action as we go!) In our time together, I provide high level guidance and support to ensure you’re seeing REAL momentum and experiencing BIG results as the life of your dreams evolve.

Aspiring female entrepreneurs + new business owners, read this:

Many of the coaching clients I’ve worked with are new business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs. Over time, I started seeing common patterns - they all have incredible ideas & a bright vision of their future but they didn’t always know the right steps to get them there. They would often question if what they were doing was actually working, they confided in people who didn’t understand their business or their values and self doubt would create crippling moments of weakness that would make them want to give up (WAY too early.) As sensitive women, navigating the high highs and low lows of running a business can feel unmanageable, networking events can feel intimidating & energy depleting, our negative association with the words “selling or sales” can hold us back from making a major impact (and earning a great living) and in a world where everyone is sharing their wins on social media, it can be easy to feel like we’re not doing enough.

I get you. For the last 18+ months I’ve invested in a high level business coach and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, incredible tools + proven strategies to help you thrive as a sensitive person in business.

I guide my incredible female business owners to get crystal clear on their offerings, business values, target audience/customers/clients and overall vision. I work with them to feel comfortable and confident being more visible online and IRL (going on IG stories, speaking to new people at events, reaching out for opportunities & collaborations, etc.) I also support them in seeing their value and charging what they’re actually worth, saying NO to unaligned opportunities so they can create space to attract better ones and set themselves up for long term success.

So whether your dreams are related to your business, finding an ideal partner, switching careers or reaching a very personal goal (or all the above) - your dreams need your energy & attention. This offering is for sensitive and/or introverted women who are ready to apologetically go to the next level, embody the highest version of themselves, release anything that makes them feel small and create a life of their dreams, on their own terms.


This coaching offering is for you if you desire to…

  • Get your ideas off paper and into action

  • Prove to yourself and others that life as a sensitive and/or introverted person can be BIG

  • Stop grinding away at the things in your life that aren’t working and step into what you desire with more ease and flow

  • Take action (in your business, relationships, personal life, etc.) that feels natural and aligns with your personality type

  • Be crystal clear on what you want and know that you’re 100% on the right path

  • Quiet the negative self talk & feed back from others and move forward without hesitation

  • Confidently get out of your comfort zone with & do the scary things you know will take you to that next level-THIS is where the magic happens

  • Be in the flow and see the real progress and results you’ve been seeking

  • Feel worthy of your desires (no matter how big they are) without a shadow of doubt you know they’re possible for you

  • Let go of things in your life that bring you down or hold you back from your dreams

  • No longer be the person who “one day” goes after their dreams

  • Confidently share and communicate your ideas to others with conviction

  • Stay in your own lane and stop comparing yourself to others. Have an unwavering knowing that what YOU are creating is incredible

  • Step into your purpose & make a bigger impact in the world - with your message, voice, etc.

  • Break out of the box other people put you in as a sensitive person and realize your limitless potential in all areas of your life

  • No longer feel like an impostor and be certain in who you are and where you’re going

  • Be present, celebrate and appreciate how far you’ve come while continuing to set new goals

  • Navigate the highs and lows of going after your dreams with ease

  • Manifest opportunities like never before and watch new doors start to open

  • Connect with like-minded people who support you instead of spending time with people who don’t understand your drive or vision

  • Feel comfortable in your own skin & confidently thrive in social situations or business events

  • See uncertainty through the lens of limitless possibilities

  • Become an expander for others and inspire people with your authenticity

  • Be in demand, have others seek you out for your skills, strengths & unique gifts

When we started I didn’t even know what it meant to live in alignment, I had just launched my own business and was finding myself feeling swept away by the daily demands of my life, not really understanding how the days were going by so fast. Kristy taught me how to work with my personality traits and not against. I am without a doubt a different person since working with Kristy, I feel like I’m not just surviving my life anymore but I’m genuinely thriving in it and learning how to make moments and run a successful business at the same time
— Claire Gray

Say YES to Your Dreams

Join me in this transformative four month coaching experience and step into the highest version of yourself that you know is inside you.

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What’s included:

● 16 weeks of one-on-one coaching sessions via. skype (90 minute calls every week)

● Unlimited email access to me between sessions (my client’s favourite way to stay connected & feel supported between sessions)

● All sessions are recorded so you can re-listen any time!

● Access to a resource library with proven strategies and tools customized to fit your needs

Still curious if this coaching offering is for you?

Who is the woman this coaching package is for:

  • She’s sick of feeling stuck and ready to take the first step towards her dreams

  • She’s ready to confidently move past idea mode and into action

  • She has a growth mindset, she loves setting goals and friends would describe her as “ambitious” and “driven”

  • She’s ready to make a transition in her life - career, relationship or personal

  • She’s willing to get out of her comfort zone and understands the magic in that

  • She desires to inspire people with her courage and ability to go after her dreams

  • She’s open to feed back and guidance and loves the support & accountability of a mentor or coach

  • She may want to start a business or is a new, overwhelmed entrepreneur seeking strategy, guidance and structure

  • She may desire a new relationship, career or big lifestyle change and is seeking support in her transition

Who is the woman this coaching package is NOT for:

  • She is stubborn and doesn’t think her circumstances can change

  • She’s unwilling to take action on her dreams

  • Although she’s unhappy, she’s more comfortable staying stuck

  • She always has an excuse (time, money, other people, etc.) and she lacks self awareness and accountability

  • She’s judgmental and jealous about other people’s success

  • She probably isn’t considering going after her dreams ;)

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