Discover Who You Are - Coaching Package One


Discover Who You Are - Coaching Package One


By the end of this package, you will discover your greatest strengths, become more self-aware + find more ease in the areas you were once struggling in!

Let’s peel back the layers and limiting beliefs of who you think you are (or aren’t) and remove the labels other people have placed on you which may be keeping you stuck or unfulfilled. In this first month together we dive DEEP into various personality tests and self reflective exercises.

By the end of this package, you will have:

  • Discovered your true strengths and focused those on whatever you’re looking to call in (a promotion at work, a deeper connection with your partner, finding your purpose and life’s work, a loving relationship with your body, waking up a better mood, etc.)

  • Identified where in your life you are holding yourself back, where you are feeling resistance, why you are putting so much pressure on yourself, etc.

  • Become aware of where these issues started for you (these patterns are typically deep rooted in your subconscious and formed over years so they will take time to unravel. I will provide you with tools & practices for you to understand yourself on a deeper level now and moving forward)

  • Feel more confident in your own skin and at home with yourself.

  • Elevate your level of self worth and learn how it impacts every piece of your life (your work, relationships, identity, etc.)

  • Understand how to trust your gut and listen to your intuition.

  • Learn how to say no and feel good about it (this is for my people pleasers!)

  • Establish alignment practices that are specific to you and are accessible and fun to do everyday!

How it Works:

  • Client Clarity Questionnaire

  • One hour Skype video chat to review questionnaire and focus direction of sessions

  • Four 90 minute one-on-one connected sessions with me each week. In each session, I come with a detailed list of questions targeted at addressing your strengths and struggles. I also come prepared with resources specific to you so you can leave the session with action

  • Alignment homework to implement every week

  • Unlimited email support between sessions so I can cheer you on every step of the way!

I’m so excited to work with you for the next five weeks!

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