Say Yes To Your Dreams - Coaching Package Three


Say Yes To Your Dreams - Coaching Package Three


By the end of this package, you will have the confidence to get out of your comfort zone, go after things you never considered possible + ultimately live in more joy!

This is when you really start stepping into that bigger version of yourself. You’re feeling confident and clear on your gifts & zones of genius and you can now quickly identify old patterns that no longer serve you! So what’s next?! Start dancing with the universe and going after the things on your list that felt way out of reach weeks ago. With my resources, tools and support, I guide you to getting out of your comfort zone and actively pursuing those big dreams. By the time you’re done this twelve week program, you will confidently have the skills to keep evolving and pursuing the things in life you desire most and as challenges arise (because they do) you will trust your path and have the ability to support yourself back to alignment. The end of this transformation looks like you living your most authentic life yet and moving forward with your highest self worth and confidence.

By the end of this package, you will have:

  • The confidence to go after things you didn’t think you deserved before (like a promotion, more aligned clients, better relationships, pursuing your purpose, etc.)

  • Learned how to take inspired action towards the goals that really light you up vs. the unsatisfactory work you were settling for.

  • Gone out of your comfort zone with more ease and realized the value in going after the things you desire!

  • Become more rooted in the possibilities vs. fretting about the unknown. Look at the world through a lens of endless opportunities vs. obstacles.

  • Increased your self worth and in return are attracting better offers, turning down things with the knowing that something better will come, fully understand the connection between self worth and net worth

  • Do things you never thought you’d have the balls to do - go in IG video, ask for a raise, pursue a new career, start your dream business, wear a bikini and feel AMAZING, speak in front of a panel, leave your bad relationship - it’s all possible and you now know it!

  • Leave your job that’s misaligned. Stop giving away things for free, cutting your prices & letting people take advantage of you! Stand firm in your value as a partner, friend, colleague, employee, boss, team player and know your value as the amazing human you are!

  • Shine your light because you are so at home with who you are + watch how people respond to you differently and what the universe will send you.

Included in This Package:

  • Client Clarity Questionnaire

  • One hour Skype video chat to review questionnaire and focus direction of sessions

  • Eleven 90 minute one-on-one connected sessions with me each week. In each session, I come with a detailed list of questions targeted at addressing your strengths and struggles. I also come prepared with resources specific to you so you can leave the session with action

  • Alignment homework to implement every week

  • Unlimited email support between sessions so I can cheer you on every step of the way!

I’m so excited to work with you for the next twelve weeks!

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