Explore & Accept Yourself - Coaching Package Two


Explore & Accept Yourself - Coaching Package Two


By the end of this package, you will feel empowered to tap into your gifts, release patterns that no longer serve you + feel more confident in your own skin!

Now that we have a deeper understanding of your strengths and have began to peel back the layers, we implement new practices and tools to start seeing shifts and changes unfold. You’re feeling empowered to trust your intuition + gut and really tune into what opportunities are a YES and which ones are a NO. We also explore areas in your life like your relationships + environment and what you do in your alone time to see where these areas may need some new energy or TLC. I give you the tools and resources to find more freedom and empowerment in each of these areas. This nine week program will have you feeling more aligned in every area of your life and inspired to take action as your most authentic self!

By the end of this package, you will have:

  • Confidence in knowing which opportunities are the right fit for you (major self worth indicator)

  • Have the tools to connect better in your existing relationships and/or start finding new like-minded individuals and creating a more supportive community.

  • Designated a tranquil space for your new daily rituals and create more alignment in your home.

  • Created a list of achievable goals for the next 3 months and created an action plan for each.

  • Have stopped people pleasing and giving into what other people want.

  • The confidence to light up a room and no longer feel invisible or like an impostor.

  • Found the desire to feel fully expressed and stop feeling like you need to wear different masks to feel accepted by others.

  • Created more ease in your life and be able to watch things come to you. Stop hustling and grinding away at the things that aren’t working in your life and step into what you desire with more ease and flow.

  • The ability to tune out societal pressures, care less about what others think and learn to go inwards because you have the answers within.

  • Learned to love yourself & enjoy your own company - alone time will be your favourite new thing!

How it Works:

  • Client Clarity Questionnaire

  • One hour Skype video chat to review questionnaire and focus direction of sessions

  • Eight 90 minute one-on-one connected sessions with me each week. In each session, I come with a detailed list of questions targeted at addressing your strengths and struggles. I also come prepared with resources specific to you so you can leave the session with action

  • Alignment homework to implement every week

  • Unlimited email support between sessions so I can cheer you on every step of the way!

I’m so excited to work with you for the next nine weeks!

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