Discover Yourself


Discover Yourself


By the end of this package, you will be living a more elevated life as a sensitive women. You will confidently navigate challenges with more ease, experience greater joy & purpose within and be thriving as this new & more aligned version of yourself!

Some of the many benefits to look forward to:

  • Experience life in a new (+ more enjoyable) way

  • Work WITH your sensitive personality type, NOT against it

  • Get clear on your strengths + gifts and utilize them in a BIG way (career, relationships, etc.)

  • Thrive in new environments and show up to social events with a new found confidence

  • Quiet your busy mind so you can enjoy the present moment

  • Manage your emotions, anxiety + mood swings so they no longer keep you down and control your life

  • No longer feel activated by the small things that once triggered you

  • Experience the thrill + endless possibilities of getting out of your comfort zone

  • Elevate your self worth, stop being a people pleaser and attract incredible people & opportunities that match your vibration

  • Have the confidence to light up a room and no longer feel invisible or like an impostor

  • Set boundaries, uphold them and experience a new level of respect from other people

How it Works:

  • Client Clarity Questionnaire

  • One hour Skype video chat to review questionnaire and focus direction of sessions

  • Eight 90 minute one-on-one connected sessions with me each week. In each session, I come with a detailed list of questions targeted at addressing your strengths and struggles. I also come prepared with resources specific to you so you can leave the session with action

  • Alignment homework to implement every week

  • Unlimited email support between sessions so I can cheer you on every step of the way!

I’m so excited to work with you for the next eight weeks!

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