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Lauren shares her experience in coaching how and its transformed her life. She describes the heaviness she felt before learning tools to feel and navigate her emotions. Lauren now lives everyday with more joy + lightness. She confidently travels alone, uses her voice and asks for what she wants + connects deeper with those who truly see her value! Her transformation will inspire you to leap outside your comfort zone + live bigger than you ever imagined possible!

My work with Kristy has absolutely been life saving, life changing and the best money I have ever spent and may ever spend on myself. You are worth it. I will say that again...YOU ARE WORTH IT. She is here to help others shine and been seen. There is no feeling in the world like it and I’m at a loss for words to describe the first time that I felt seen.

Kristy Vail has a plan for you, whether it’s for personal matters, work, or whatever it is that you feel is holding you back from being your true authentic self. She has found her calling, for which I will be forever grateful. I love this girl so much and you will too!
— Lauren B. (Executive Assistant)


“an expansive experience”

I started my connected sessions with Kristy four months ago. I don’t know how to put into words how much I have grown into my own self since then. Kristy has helped me connect with my body, mind and spirit on a deeper level than I knew possible. It’s been such an exciting and expansive experience to work with her on a weekly basis. When we started I didn’t even know what it meant to live in alignment, I had just launched my own business and was finding myself feeling swept away by the daily demands of my life, not really understanding how the days were going by so fast. Now I can’t imagine what life would be like without my personal alignment practices, which we figured out together. Kristy taught me how to work with my personality traits and not against them and somehow she magically shows up in my inbox mid-week when I need it most! I am without a doubt a different person since working with Kristy, I feel like I’m not just surviving my life anymore but I’m genuinely thriving in it and learning how to make moments and run successful business at the same time.

- Claire Gray, The Mama Trainer

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“become the better version of myself”

“Kristy’s authenticity shines through in her work. You can hear her passion for these connected sessions in the tone and expression of her voice. Her most admirable trait is that she is genuinely devoted to helping people conquer their journey and challenges. She listens to your story and responds with guidance from her heart. She responds without judgement and creates a safe space for you and her to work on reaching alignment in your life. Throughout our sessions she listened responsively and left me with an incredible amount of direction on how to start making changes in my life to become the better version of myself. Kristy’s guidance made me feel supported, lucky, seen, heard and motivated. Kristy’s character not only makes you feel like you have a loyal life coach, but that you’ve found someone who has your best interest at heart. She believes in me and helps me believe in myself. She is a kind and rare soul. I am very fortunate to have worked with her!”

- Kayla C. (Engineering Student)


“allowed me to see my own value”

I recently had a session with Kristy and I was overcome with so much clarity. She really helped me move through some personal and financial blocks. She allowed me to see my own value which I was struggling to see on my own. Not only did my session bring me clarity, I also left feeling extremely inspired and motivated! I would highly recommend connected coaching sessions with Kristy. She did exactly that - connected me to my true self.

- Tammi K. (Holistic Nutritionist)

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