I want you to know I see you and I’m so honoured to guide & support you in this transformation! It’s time to experience your life as a introverted +/ sensitive woman through a new lens.



Every week we have a 90 minute Coaching Session for the duration of your package. So when booking your session, please book once a week unless of course you’re on vacation or need to take a week off for any reason, no problem!


You can reschedule two calls due to an emergency. I need 24 hour notice and if you don’t give 24 hours notice, the call is deemed as taken place. Plus, you are not to reschedule because your plate is full or you haven’t completed the action items for the week. I put this in place so that you commit to your desires and create the space for your success. To move a call, look at the Calendly confirmation email, click the reschedule button, and pick another time.


These packages include unlimited email support between our sessions! Email me ( as often as you need between sessions. Please note, support is only available through email. No other forms of communication (Instagram, Text, Skype, etc.) simply because I don’t wanna miss your note! Plus, you can expect a reply from me within 24 hours during the weekdays. I don’t answer emails on the weekend.


Once you onboard as a client, I create a Google Drive folder for us. You will get an email about our shared folder. After each call is complete, I save it as an MP3 file and upload it there. This way, you don’t have to take notes and worry about writing everything down!


If you hear me typing during our session, please know I’m just taking notes! My attention is 100% on you and I will not be texting, looking at open tabs, checking Instagram or engaging in any distractions during our time together!


In each session, I will give you things to work on that will help move the needle towards your big, incredible dreams. These may be in the form of resources + tools or I may ask you to complete exercises which we will be reviewing at our next session. Please know, I’m mindful of the homework I send you and kindly ask that you complete the items on the list - I will be holding you accountable because I SO believe in you and want to see these transformations take shape.


This coaching client relationship is SO important to me but please know it is entirely different than a friendship. Although, we may also be friends, when we are in session it is all about YOU. And if we spend time together outside of our session & client relationship - we do not discuss session matters. This boundary is so important for you and I; it allows me to separate myself as your friend and as your coach.


I ask that you are on time for our Skype calls - I will send you a message on Skype 10 minutes prior to our call then will call you via. Skype Audio at the start time of our session. If you are late, the session will not be extended and if you cancel a session with less than 24 hours notice - this will still count as your session - no refunds will be issued.

All sessions are 90 minutes - when the session is approaching the 75 minute mark - I will give you the heads up so you ask any questions you need before the session ends.


The Coaching Sessions and recommended exercises may lead you to sharing vulnerable emotions - please allow yourself to fully express and openly communicate your thoughts and feelings while we work together. I am here to support you and promise your information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third parties. The only exception to this is if I’m legally obligated by law. Further, if you are curious how we use and protect your personal information you share with us, please reference our Privacy policy linked on our website.



Go ahead and purchase your coaching package here!

Once your payment is received, I will email you with the following:

  1. Letter of Agreement:

    Please review + sign the legal document

    (you can view it here)

  2. Book your 90 Minute Sessions:

    You will receive the link to my schedule and you will book all your sessions at once.

  3. Connected Questionnaire:

    You will receive a detailed questionnaire (different from initial call) to complete before our your first session. Please take time to reflect and complete; we’ll be using this as a reference in our sessions (it’s also SO fun to look back and see how far you’ve come!)